"positive behaviour training & support for schools, trusts and education provision"


Our training is rooted in listening and understanding the behaviour that is being presented to you.


There is no "quick-fix". Our consultants will be working with you long-term to truly ensure the content of our training is impactful to your environment.


Patience, listening and understanding are key values to achieve a positive change to the behaviour of your young people.

We're in this together!

Launching in Autumn 2020, we will couple our training with a specialised call line providing a voice to hear your concerns, support your ideas and assist in the implementation of our teachings.

How to help?

We believe in sharing good practice. Our supporters are always happy to share the practices that they have implemented - we have a huge supply of resources ready to support you and your environment.

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Developing positive behaviour can very often present challenging emotions. Our consultants are here to support.

Who's who?

Sarah Morrison

For me, Behaviourself was born from a frustration of seeing young people wrongly labelled and poorly supported which resulted in those young people developing a negative experience through their academic career.

Behaviourself is my commitment to changing that. To ensure young people can achieve the very best in education.

Gary Nicholls

After many years of seeing the impact of strong positive relationships between staff and students, the natural next step after headship was to support schools and trusts to develop and achieve these positive relationships.

I truly believe that a positive and tailored approach to supporting young people will prepare and support them for education and later life.

Jack Pattinson

As a true ambassador for encouraging and empowering young people to maximise their potential, Behaviourself provides an impactful means of changing and developing the way provisions approach and support their young people.

As an experienced governor and consultant, I believe in the application of Behaviourself to all areas of school staffing including senior leaders, governing bodies and wider trusts.

“The team at BehaviourSelf are first class. It's of great comfort knowing they are ready to support our school and children with great experience, whatever it is we need”

Janice B, Headteacher

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